A few years ago, Aging Services of Minnesota launched this blog as a way to provide timely updates on policy and advocacy activities at the state Capitol and in Washington, D.C. After a year-long hiatus, we’re excited to report we’re reviving the blog! We’ll still include important advocacy updates and engagement opportunities, but we’re also going to expand the discussion to a broader mix of topics.

Every morning as I make my way through multiple news sources and the crazy, wonderful world of social media, I stumble onto stories about aging and older adult services that make me think. Fascinating stories about individual people who are breaking the rules and redefining what it means to age today, innovative providers who are paving the way to the future and family members asking deep philosophical questions as they realize that age is taking its toll on a loved one. This is the world we live and work in, and it just begs for more conversation.

We also want to use this space to shine a light on the talented, dedicated, innovative people and organizations that are shaping the field of aging services in Minnesota. Their stories don’t often make the front page of the paper, but they are truly inspirational and deserve to be shared far and wide.

We’ll use the Aging Exchange blog to ask questions, give props, and share stories that put a human face on the complex issues of aging and long-term care.

We hope you’ll visit often and most importantly, join the conversation! If you have a story, idea or big question we should feature on the blog, please share it! Here are a few ways to connect with us:

Welcome back to the Aging Exchange!