Legislators and the governor have reached a budget deal.  Here’s a quick summary:

  • Legislators will ratify the governor’s 2009 unallotments.
  • The governor will have the option to “opt-in” to early Medicaid enrollment for adults without children.
  • There will be a fix to the current GAMC program in the meantime so more hospitals will be involved.
  • The $408 million in FMAP money will go to the bottom line to balance the budget.
  • The school shift from the unallotments will be paid back.
The older adult services provisions are very similar to those passed in the initial HHS omnibus bill, with one major exception:

  • NO mandatory transitional consultation
  • Start-up costs for PACE included
  • No cuts to nursing home rates
  • 5% cut to EW Customized Living and 24-hour Customized Living
  • Suspension of 2009 nursing home rebasing (ratification of unallotment)
  • Inclusion of the housing data collection and delineation of services in rent
  • Study of housing size and setting options for elderly and disability waivers

Now for the technicality.  Because of the lateness of the deal, the governor has needed to call a special session that started at 12:01 this morning in order for the budget bill to be properly processed and voted on.  There wasn’t enough time for the legislation to be finalized and voted on before midnight, which was the constitutional end of the 2010 legislative session.

So, the legislature is technically in special session.  But hopefully it will be over before sunrise.