Yesterday budget negotiations between legislative leaders and the governor seemed to be moving in a positive direction.

Today, things seemed to have changed.

According to reports and DFL and GOP press conferences, the governor has pulled back from tacit support for including early enrollment for poor adults without children into Medical Assistance in a final budget deal.  House DFLers held a press conference around noon blasting the governor and House Republicans for opposing a proposal they say Republicans once supported.  House GOP members held a response press conference immediately afterwards blasting Democrats for wanting to expand “ObamaCare” when the state has no way to pay for it.  And the governor flew back early from the Fishing Opener.

In other words, the rhetoric is heating up as the time ticks down.

It’s not unusual for budget negotiations to run into problems, especially when the parties are far apart on major issues.  Legislative leaders and the governor are usually able to still hammer out an agreement in time for adjournment.  However, at this point House and Senate leaders are saying they are ready to be  done whether the governor agrees to a deal or not.

No other news on the health and human services front.  It’s all being discussed as part of the  global agreement.  More information will be posted as we hear it.