Early this morning the conference committee for HF2614, the HHS Omnibus bill, completed its work.  The final product can be viewed here.

Despite the intense advocacy by Aging Services of Minnesota, our partners in the Long-Term Care Imperative, and our memberships, the final agreement includes mandatory transitional consultation and the 5% rate cut to EW Customized Living and 24-hour Customized Living.

We were successful in amending the mandatory consultation language to make it more workable.  However, we still remain opposed to the underlying provision.

But the fight is not over!  Just because this bill is closed doesn’t mean the issue is finished.  The House and Senate are expected to vote on the final bill tonight, and the governor is expected to veto the bill soon thereafter.  There is still time to contact your legislators and ask them to oppose these provisions in the next round of negotiations.

Other provisions impacting older adult services include:

  • ratification of 2009 unallotment suspending nursing home rebasing and continuation of the 4-year rate freeze for nursing homes
  • no nursing home surcharge
  • no additional cuts to other continuing care providers or continuing care grants
  • PACE
  • no elimination of MA coverage for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

More information on the fate of the HHS bill will be posted as it becomes available.