Thank you to everyone who has called and emailed your legislators about HF3442 (Hosch).  Thanks to your advocacy, the bill no longer includes mandatory transitional consultation (ie, diversion from HWS).   In addition, your support for the repeal of rate equalization has meant this repeal remains in the legislation.

Legislators have told Aging Services advocacy staff that these calls and letters have also made a difference in how the House has set its budget targets for HHS.  Your grassroots advocacy increased awareness of the seriousness of the Hosch proposal among legislators not familiar with HHS issues, which in turn increased support for keeping the amount of money needed to cut from HHS smaller than it would otherwise have been.

So on behalf of Aging Services, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!

And keep it up!  We have our work cut our for us this legislative session, and we can’t do it without you.  HF3442 was laid over for possible inclusion in the House’s HHS budget omnibus bill — which means we may see some of these provisions again.  We need your help to continue to oppose this onerous piece of legislation.