Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune challenged legislators and the Governor to  lead the charge and major reform to the way the state finances and delivers long-term care. The complete editorial can be found here:

The editorial states, “Long-term care is but one government-dependent activity that faces a bleak future without major reform. This year, legislators and Gov. Tim Pawlenty should embrace change, with the recognition that preserving the status quo is the riskier course.”

Nothing could be more true.  Today’s state budget crisis highlights many of the issues we have discussed for years.  Minnesota has created a system for funding long term care that is unsustainable.  It impoverishes seniors and family, and it is having a dramatic impact on the state budget.

In the coming weeks, we hope to have legislation introduced that will present an option for long term care financing reform.  We hope that 2009 is finally the year in which lawmakers and stakeholders alike will tackle this tough issue and develop solutions for this dilemma.